Grow Up, Bullies…


Bullying never stops no matter the age.

I was just reading about the New Jersey high school that canceled their storied football program for the season due to bullying and hazing. Arrests were made over the weekend.

We are dealing a with a bully at one of our properties. Those that this poor excuse for a human being scorns, are the subject of vicious rumors and lies.

I have had personal experience with this behavior and I am sick of it. This sad sack is a pathetic example of adulthood. The behaviorial patterns are those of a middle schooler. I thought I had left “mean girls” behind me. I have paid the price for pushing back.

Aren’t there enough problems in the world with the deadly Ebola virus, starving children, global warming and ISIS without negative people adding worthless, mean spirited crap to our collective daily routine.

Researching bullying, I am discovering that many parents and children who are the targets of bullies are often ostracized for speaking out. It is a sad state of affairs that when we call out harmful and vicious behavior the whistle blowers pay a heavy price.

It appears that rewarding bad behavior is a trend. When people act out in public, we reward them with the best table, comp them, grant an upgrade to silence them. Are we all cowards?


It’s 2014 and innocent people are being beheaded, 9/11 workers who volunteered to dig out debris at the World Trade Center are dying from their exposure to dangerous compounds and being denied health benefits. Innocent girls are being kidnapped and are victims of human trafficking. There are so many heinous elements out there, can’t we simply be kind to each other?

Bullies, get a fucking life and stop projecting your misery on innocent bystanders just because you don’t like they way they look, dress, are physically weaker or that they simply refuse to bend to your will.

Maybe you are just all self-loathing, cowardly asswipes. Get over yourself or move to an isolation zone in the middle of nowhere.



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