Grazing In Greenwich…

Yesterday, my posse took an early morning drive to our storage room in Greenwich, Connecticut. We picked up some items and briefly visited beautiful sequestered memories.

I wish I had a place for some great artwork and my gold and platinum albums.

Visited with my parents and told them about my surgery.

My father was extremely fit and handsome until the day he died and yet the hospital was his second home due to his penchant for random accidents such as falling off a cliff at Greenwich Country Club and breaking his collarbone along with breaking his arm amidst exploding liquor bottles and going into anaphylactic shock from a bee sting, but I digress.

Next we visited Trader Joe’s and bought all the kitchen necessities.

We then ventured to PopUp Bagels in Greenwich, the new and trending bagel store.

PopUp Bagels started as a backyard pickup window to share a newly created bagel recipe with friends.  It’s now grown to multiple popup and permanent locations in NYC, Connecticut, the Hamptons and Massachusetts, creating no frills, crispy crust and soft centers. People are lining up for blocks.

Unfortunately, we missed out as everything was sold out by 11:30am

We indulged in lunch on the main thoroughfare in Greenwich and strolled the Avenue which has changed so much since I grew up in the area.

It represents like Madison Avenue with all the designer boutiques amidst the absurd gum chewing pre-teens flashing their Chanel accessories.

I miss the Pizza Factory and the mom and pop stores.

Few long-standing stores renain…a jeweler, Richards which is a gorgeous boutique department store (my dad bought all his clothes there and Matt Lauer was a stock boy who graduated to salesperson) and St. Moritz Bakery which has been on Greenwich Avenue since the 1960s and sells divine Sarah Bernhardts.

We lunched outside at the Ginger Man  and enjoyed salads and the trademark burger.

I girded my loins and with my back straight and swagger limited we strolled the Avenue down and then back up stopping at JCrew, Hermes, Le Ligne and several other trendy spots.

You do not need to shop in Manhattan. Greenwich has it all.

We completed the excursion with a coffee at the newly opened Maman.

Greenwich is all that. I miss the original understated atmosphere despite housing some of the richest people and well known celebrities in the way more demure 1960-1990s.

Another successful staycation.


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