I am grateful that I don’t have any weapons in the house so that I can’t injure myself after listening to another democratic debate.

I am grateful that I have a home abroad so that I can leave the country when the ignorant trumpsters and Democratic Party re-elect Agent Orange.

I am grateful that football season is over and Syracuse basketball is coming to a stunningly disappointing end so that I can gratefully put all my eggs in my NY Yankee basket.

I am continually grateful when I meet a kind, considerate person unlike the mean girl at the gym…just because you are boring and ugly that doesn’t give you a free pass to be cruel to others.

I am grateful for the Housewives franchise so we can all learn how NOT to act, not to dress like your teenage daughter, how not to apply make up and learn to never wear ass length hair extensions after 35.

I am grateful for Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I am grateful for Lizzo in spin class and athletic clothes, in general.

I am grateful that I am married to the man I love and don’t have to date or worry about STDs.

I am grateful that I have the best daughter in the universe and am happy to leave my jewelry, bags and shoes to someone who really appreciates all my hard work to acquire fabulous material possessions.

I am grateful for great food and excellent restaurants so that I can satisfy my curiosity and desires, always have places to review and new outlets to explore.

I am grateful for amazing Broadway shows, interesting museum exhibits, binge watching and entertaining movies.

I am grateful for retail therapy and will revisit in three more months although I always have window shopping.

I am grateful that I have rescue dogs…everyone should adopt at least once in their lives so they can experience unconditional love.

I am grateful for single process for obvious reasons as well as mascara, lip balm and orthotics.

I am grateful for CBD gummies when I fly.

I am grateful for cup holders in cars.

I will be very grateful when scientists hopefully find a vaccine for Coronavirus.

I am grateful for menopause for one reason only…I never have to use a tampax ever again.

I am grateful for women of strength and moral fortitude as long as they support each other and don’t needlessly gossip and back stab.

I am grateful for endless beaches and clean water which we must protect.

And, finally, I am grateful for all my readers.


  1. I’m grateful for you!

  2. Grateful for you and your wonderful blog posts which bring light to our lives (and much needed comic relief !)

  3. I am grateful for the smile your blogs bring to my face. You are amazing my old friend.

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