Go Your Own Way…

It is early Tuesday morning and my wake up call at 2am was from Migraine Mitch.

I am assuming that much of the anxiety and frustration I feel is from catching the Political Flu.

It appears to spread from aerosol droplets from the despicable, contaminated mouth of Agent Orange, Ass Licker Lindsey and No Chin Mitch.

I was devastated by the loss of RBG for so many reasons beyond the fact that she was one of the most influential women in history.

I am very concerned about the next Supreme Court justice, but not just for my own personal reasons.

I am white, thankfully have savings and excellent healthcare insurance and at my age unless there is an Immaculate Conception, abortion is not a personal concern.

I am very worried about women’s rights, healthcare, the environment, immigration, the right to form unions and the desire to leave the world a better place for my daughter and generations to come.

The next Justice won’t change my life, but unlike many republicans, I believe that every woman should have the sole decision making power over her own body.

Why overturn Roe v. Wade?

If you need or want an abortion you should have the right to decide for yourself.

If you are pro-life then it should not affect you because it is not your problem as childbearing is a highly personal decision.

I am saddened by the selfish state of politics and am a firm believer in the separation of Church and State.

America, bedrock of democracy…this concept will have to be revisited.

In the interim, I need to lie still in a darkened room and let the meds which are covered under my prescription plan do it’s job…by the way if I did not have coverage it would cost me out of pocket $100 for a box of 3 generic brand (name brand is even more expensive).


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