Go With The Flow…

The weekend.

Had big plans to see a Broadway show for the first time in almost two years.

It did not happen…detour to a future date.

I am a planner so naturally I felt letdown.

But, going with the Saturday flow happened and there is great joy to be found in just cruisin’ on a weekend afternoon.

After exercising, my husband napped and I watched some college football and caught up on this year’s happening teams…Cincinnati, who knew?!

Next we took a long walk with the doggie, had a leisurely lunch outside and toasted life with sangria, bought some scrumptious Levain cookies, binge watched Scenes From A Marriage, had side by side mani/pedis and a massage and then a slice and an adult beverage.

What a lovely day and I didn’t even have to plan it.

I just surrendered myself to the moment, sat back and went with the flow.

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