Go Flick Yourself…

Overheard at Equinox Santa Monica…

“The club has cut back on Spinning and Pilates classes, adding Hair Flicking/Upper Body workout to the schedule.”

I heard it because I said it.

The club is overrun by flickers.

Perhaps it is a challenging workout.

I haven’t tried it because my hair is always pulled back when exercising.

These millennials flick their hair while on yoga mats…horizontal flicking is arduous.

They flick in spin while simultaneously checking themselves out in the wall of mirrors. The challenge is I don’t understand how you can spin with your hair cascading down a furiously sweating bod.

Kettle bell class flicking is virtually impossible since both hands are often gripping the weight, but they find a way.

Where am I going with this rant…it’s time to take a stand on things that are absurdly annoying.

SO…so must be extinguished from the opening gambit in a verbal statement.

Even talking heads are starting their sentences with SO which is now conjoined in a strange and grammatically incorrect marriage with like….so like please stop with like. Thanks like SO much.

U turns. Drivers in LA are making U turns constantly not even waiting for a break in the traffic, pulling a Uie anywhere, anytime causing mayhem…U need to stop the madness!

Range Rovers and Escalades parking in compact spots.

In life, you can only squeeze so much self into yoga pants. There will be noticeable spillover. Same with trying to fit a large square into a small box.

Celebrities who lie about plastic surgery, in particular, rhinoplasty, boob jobs and inflated lips.

It’s 2019 and we have back up…be honest. You aren’t fooling anyone.

Texting at meals. You cannot complain that you have nothing to say with your partner when you sit down in a restaurant and immediately start texting.

Put the phone down and communicate.

Point of information, your cell has more germs than a public toilet. I see a lot of people text and then pick up food with their contaminated fingers and these are the same people who are germophobes.

Hand sanitizer is their crack.

Hair extensions. JLo has many physical attributes, but long, thick, luxurious hair is not one of them.

How stupid do hair care companies think we are, featuring Jennifer Lopez in shampoo and conditioning commercials, flicking her fake mane around and around.

And please KO the Kardashians.

I could go on, but this post has provided me with an emotion colonic so I am good to go.

Until next time.


  1. Beth Martin says:

    Very funny and cathartic. I love the hair flicking part. That’s why I stay in NYC. No hair flicking and few noticeable hair extensions to flick. Glad I’ll see you soon.

  2. This provided me with some much needed comic relief this morning – thanks for another tale from LA !

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