Glass Half Full…

Running with purpose right into 2022.

Cutting out the negativity and crap.

Great New Year news…Marjorie Taylor Greene has been permanently suspended from Twitter for violating Twitter’s policy on coronavirus misinformation.

Twitter suspended Greene’s account after she falsely tweeted on Saturday about “extremely high amounts of Covid vaccine deaths.”

This was the offensive twits fifth strike…what a foul ball.

Christmas 2021 was spectacular and we welcomed the New Year with a 2006 bottle of Dom Perignon, homemade blinis with caviar, creme fraiche and smoked salmon, fabulous jumbo shrimp cocktail, fresh string beans and a delightful salad.

The weather in Florida has been extraordinary and a complete boost to the rigors of renovation.

Diversionary swimming, beach walking and the delight of sleeping in a king bed have made the past three weeks groovy.

I hope optimism is permanently inked on your list of New Year resolutions.

Right now my glass is half full…let’s hope I don’t have to start drinking to keep my spirits high and my glass refilled.

Happy 2022…full speed ahead.

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