Giving Up Snacks…

No more Snacks.

Traded in an Apple for an unknown staple.

The average person may think I am giving up snacks and fruit.

For a NY Giants fan the elimination of Snacks and Apples from our diet indicates that the collective “we” has decided to shed unwanted fat, commencing a major purge.

This week the Big Blue Wrecking Crew traded away two major players on the team.

After serious analysis it has been determined that the NY Giants are terminal and instead of letting fans suffer, the powers that be decided to sign an DNR.

Seven games into the season the Giants have one win and no pulse.

The 2018 season is finished.

After winning 4 Super Bowls the last few years have been atrocious.

As the Giants go so go me, the most devoted NY Giants fan in the known universe.

I was in the gym Tuesday lamenting the Giants loss on Monday Night Football.

I looked in the mirror and then looked away as quickly as Eli Manning is sacked after the snap of the ball.

As Eli ages, so do I.

We both can still take the hits, desire is still there, preparation is tantamount, still looking good in a uniform, but facing the truth is challenging.

The fine lines are as difficult to erase as the the goal line is to break for the Giants.

I probably score more than they do…(applause please!)

All I can say is the Sunday joy has gone out of my life.

I lived for game day, donning my Giants outfit and breathlessly awaiting kick-off.

Frankly, Jenny Craig provides a more satisfying meal than a steady diet of the tasteless, unappealing New York Football Giants.

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