Give The Devil Its’ Due…


Preparing for a vacation is hard work.

Oh, boo hoo, poor l’il princess. 

My plight involves adhering to a rigid cleaning policy that my home must be white glove tested before departure.

Just like always donning cute and clean undergarments rather than Bridget Jones granny panties and a frayed, unsupportive bra in case of an emergency situation such as an unscheduled hospital visit, my home has to be left pristine.

I only travel with carry on which means I have to be very precise with my decisions.

This time, I am going to an island for my birthday celebration and then on to New York so there are pressing clothing decisions to be made.

Will the daily pressures never cease to challenge me?!

Appropriate dogstaycations have to be mapped out because who is more important that the Canine Countesses.

Sunscreen must be purchased in massive amounts along with bug spray and all the FAA  toiletry regulations have to be met.

it’s truly overwhelming.

All this is leading up to my declaration that, although the Devil will be part of my carry on, the Devil will not have connectivity so my blog will, alas, be on vacation until June 2nd.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend and upon my re-entry into civilization, I will be one year older and hopefully rested and wiser.

And if my birthday wish is granted, Donald Trump will be days closer to impeachment.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do which leaves you a very wide berth.


photo: snatcher/drawception

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