Give Me A Head with Hair…

I succumbed.

I am now a member of the big ticket hair salon brigade.

I am not happy making the drive to the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, but my needs are being fulfilled.

I actually missed seeing all the outrageous hairdresser outfits, I assume most of them are attending the Ringling Brothers Circus Ball after work.

Friday, a lovely stylist was wearing high waisted, torn black jeans with a premeditated hole so large on her thigh that her panties were showing. To finish off the outfit, she had on a midriff top and high heel sandals.

Another fav was a stylist donning a very short skirt that resembled my old cheerleading pom poms.

Most of the hairdo’s are rainbow colors and have shaved sides.

Sometimes I wonder how stylists and colorists hold onto to clients because many of them have the worst cuts and colors…reputation and Yelp reviews clearly matter.

Love the up sell at checkout time. We are always tragically suffering from the frizzes, dryness, in need of nourishment and the bells and whistles often add an additional $100 to the bottom line, but you do have some perks…free Perrier, pressed coffee, tea, juice.

Friday, I was without a place to sit. the couches were full. One tall guy had monopolized the loveseat so I dangled. My long legs kept tripping everyone up as they read their phones on the way to the changing room.

He offered to move over and I took a seat. He was charming and adorable. Turns out he is on the hit CBS show, Two Broke Girls and he is way cuter in person.

Jonathan Kite
Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite was on his way to make some TV appearances in New York City, promoting the show’s finale. Two Broke Girls has been renewed for a fifth season.

Sitting next to me at the station was a super model…delighted to see that all her long luscious hair was extensions and weaves. She sipped tea and looked like she was going to snap in two.

Loved the Bev Hills babe with the Farrah Fawcett do. When she turned around, clutching her bright orange Celine bag with matching orange top and orange Chanel sneakers she was way north of 70. What a kick!

My hair looks divine and I will be back in 30 days for a refresher.

Looking good sure does take time and money.

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