Give Me A Head With Hair…

Hair fascinates me.

A good hair day is intoxicating.

I feel sexy, confident and my husband always takes my fabulous head of hair out to dinner, especially after Lamont at Rita Hazan has had his way with me.

It’s an ongoing investment of time and money, searching for the perfect cut, color, product, formula to increase hair growth, boundless product sampling to tame the curl, frizz, add smoothness, gloss.

We are endlessly devoted to our hair.

Hair extensions have made follicle dreams come true adding length and breath to one’s mane. Of course, a good hair job comes with a hefty price tag and huge time commitment.

Splitting hairs, it does have its annoying drawbacks. Women who constantly flip their hair as if it is a mating call need to be pruned. And let us not ignore the lethal combination of the word Like uttered in sync with the flipping action.

Why does hair rebel and turn up on our upper lip or boycott men’s scalp and only make it as far as their nose and ears?!

Why do women’s eyebrows thin, but have ample hair in constant need of plucking under their brows?

Why does hair grow where nature never intended?

So much to ponder.

A bad hair day can be emotionally devastating and that’s the truth.

Another one of life’s conundrums.

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