Girlie Girl vs Tomboy…


Girlie girl or tomboy?

I am not really sure how to categorize this issue. I just wanted to put it out there after observing certain fashion and behavioral patterns at the Tulum beach resorts.

I have to out myself as a fashion-notsta on the beach or by the pool. Just about every female between the ages of 20-60 plus sashayed there way to the Tulum beach in a bikini with matching cover up and fashion headwear.

I showed up in a one piece (I flew solo with that swimsuit style) and a striped top. On day one, I went against the grain for me and donned a long JCrew dress that I had purchased for the trip and a straw fedora. I was totally uncomfortable.

I always wear fedoras and wide brim hats in real life, but on the beach when it is hot and humid and there are multiple water excursions, my trusty Yankee cap is the best and most comfortable option.

black and white beach

There was one tight ass (literally and figuratively) snotty, heavily highlighted blonde between 35-40 who thought she was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and this was her big location shoot. She posed and walked the sandy catwalk nonstop. She flashed her diamond continually, but carat size was undeterminable.


Her husband rarely talked to her and his body was not GQ quality which raises the question of why women are judged so much more harshly than men. I assume the shape of a male’s bottom line is more important than his shape in board shorts or swim trunks$$$$

Breakfast and lunch were never consumed without Mr. and Mrs. Unfriendly completely immersed in their respective iphones. Miraculously, we went cold turkey and chose to never turn our phones on….an unexpected gift of complete liberation and after 35 years together we still had a lot to talk about. Seriously, try it. Now that move should be trending and fashion forward.

There were actually 3 super models at the resort. They were all over 6 feet tall and so thin that I thought we had mistakenly stumbled upon an anorexic rehab center. They modeled dental floss bottoms and were all topless on the beach. I was uncertain on how to categorize their style sense.

The 20-somethings like to wear mismatched skimpy bikinis under trendy cover ups. The guys just wanna have fun and put their beer bellies on display with no evidence of shame or self-consciousness.

Bottom line, everyone should just wear whatever they want and just be accepting of their body type. I am not trolling for companionship and, even if I were on the make, I would continue to dress like my inner jock/tomboy.

I am devoted to fashion, but when it comes to beaching, hiking, spin or pilates…screw girlie girl fashion, Lululemon ensembles and beachwear that scream, “I’m available.”

As Popeye said, “I Am What I Am.”




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