Giants or Steelers…

Rooney Mara photo:

I recently booked an appointment at a Benefit brow bar.

I drove quite a distance because my daughter unearthed an amazing eyebrow artist. Marie tints, shapes and waxes with the best of them.

I checked in and a familiar face was in front of me.


Being a publicist I usually do not approach a celebrity even though I know they really do love the adulation having spent decades witnessing it firsthand.

We both had our services rendered and happened to settle up at the register at the exact same moment.

I looked at her and could not control myself. I had to ask.

I boldly said, “Excuse me. I just have to ask.”

She demurely yet hesitantly looked up at me…I am considerably taller.

“NY Giants or Pittsburgh Steelers?”

She cracked a lovely smile and began to laugh. “Neither. I mean I love them both, but I am not passionate.”

I countered with, “I wish I was less passionate, but I love the NY Giants and they are killing me this season. Oh, by the way, you are a wonderful actress!”

Suddenly, a frantic woman busted through the door, literally screaming that she had to catch a flight and her left eyelash extensions had fallen off…talk about a real tragedy!

The moment was gone.

Rooney Mara bid me adieu and glided out of Benefit Cosmetics.


BTW, Rooney Mara’s mother is a Rooney and Rooney is the great-granddaught of Art Rooney, Sr., the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers football franchise. Her father is a Mara whose family founded the NY Giants in 1925. helmet-left-giants

Forget Prince William and Prince Harry…Rooney/Mara families are my preferred version of royalty.

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