Gates To Paradise…

Gates Of Paradise
Gates To Paradise

These are the Gates To Paradise…and NO ONE enters without a picture ID and ALL the right answers to the litany of security questions.

The uninitiated may assume that those who reside here are the living dead. In actuality, the residents are people who have retreated from the rat race and decided to take a deep breath and enjoy. Naturally, they are financially secure or willing to modify their lifestyle to accommodate a relaxed and lovely life.

My dad turned 65, said, “Screw this…there is more to life than working nonstop” and he sold his businesses and bought a second home in Florida.

Enter the snowbird. Life is Southern Florida is low pressure yet active. Hangin’ at the pool, beach, playing tennis, golf, bridge, canasta, gym, art classes, pilates, yoga…major daily decisions.

Equally important, the  excursion to the mailbox (timing is everything as the postman doesn’t deliver daily at the exact same time) and the cumbersome decision of where to dine each evening.

Let us not take away from the fact that many who reside within the gates are politically and socially active and are still very involved, vital and quietly driven to making the most of their lives.

Porch View
Porch View

The reality is that  life is sunshine and roses…you wake up and have coffee overlooking a verdant golf course…bummer way to start the day!

Although the ‘hood is literally crawling with luxury cars, a pimped out golf cart is the most popular mode of transportation.

It’s scary when the grandchildren show up and the seniors thinks it is cute for 10 year-old’s to learn to drive…if you are walking or riding a bike, be on red alert.


 The neighborhoods are pristine..perfection is the pervasive theme, reminding one of the Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire film, Pleasantville.


The most stressful moment is when the drawbridge goes up over the intracoastal and your day’s activities are shortened by 10 minutes…OMG, what if you are late to bridge or Prosecco Happy Hour?!

Intercoastal Drawbridge
Intracoastal Drawbridge

My family is the beneficiary of this lovely getaway…someday I will enter the Gates To Paradise.

St.Peter will be wearing J.Crew plaid shorts and a Ralph Lauren polo, handing out a welcome gift of sunscreen 70.




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