Fun & Flirtatious Shukette…NYC Restaurant Review

Mediterranean encounter.

Mixed things up a bit and went down a different culinary road.

Shukette is a lively Middle Eastern addition to Chelsea from the people behind Cookshop, Rosie’s, Vic’s and Shuka.

Chef Ayesha J. Nurdjaja’s has created a faster, louder spinoff of Shuka.

Both restaurant names are derivatives of the word shuk, the Hebrew word for an open-air market.

Shukette Is a fun and flirtatious food fantasy.

We sat at the 23-seat Chef’s Counter which I highly recommend.

Our server led us down a delectable path.

You must indulge in the Bread program…Frena is the standout.

Frena is a Moroccan-style bread with a dimpled top and a crispy, crunchy bottom that’s cooked in olive oil. “It’s as if a focaccia and a Sicilian-style pizza had a baby with no cheese and sauce,” explains   Chef Nurdjaja ($8).

Dip that doughy goodness into Labneh made with Pomegranate, scallion, rosy harissa and lime ($12).

The luscious Beet Moutabel, consisting of a yogurt base with dill and cardamom, is outstanding ($11).

Next up was the appealing Crispy Squid which was exactly as advertised with castelvetrano olives, preserved lemon, scallion and herbs ($15).

The Roasted Cauliflower with tahini, medjoul dates and pistachio chamomile was outstanding ($16).

We also ordered Lafa which is grilled bread with za’atar, olive oil and lemon ($6). It was not my favorite. My foodie partner enjoyed the Lafa.

The only disappointing dish was the Chicory Salad. The grapes and pear vinaigrette were the saving grace ($14).


Make room for the surprisingly delicious dessert, a soft-serve sundae called, The Mic Drop, with tahini dairy-free oat milk ice cream, candied butternut squash, toasted hazelnuts and a topping of halvah floss ($10).

The Mic Drop is undeniably delicious.

I would love to go back with a carnivore and indulge in the lamb or steak although it is easy to be satisfied just being a dippy Bread Head.

Shukette 230 9th Avenue New York City. Open Wednesday and Thursday 5-10pm, Friday-Saturday 5-11pm. Reservations on Resy.

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  1. These dishes certainly look good enough to eat!! Beautifully
    Presented and from your description delish!

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