Friendliest Place On Earth…

NYC offers a plethora of incredible diversions.

Culture, sports, retail therapy.

The list is endless.

One of the city’s major assets are its’ inhabitants.

A day never passes without engaging with an interesting person.

In my ‘hood I meet friendly, compelling people working on the TV programs produced in the area. Many have worked for years on the same show and  we chat frequently.

The doormen are a trip.

Central Park is across the street. Pet owners can be very engaging.

Yesterday, I saw, Slave Play on Broadway.

A smart, vibrant New Yorker sat next to me.

We were both perplexed by the ending and spent a half hour after the show discussing and exploring Slave Play along with other issues.

In LA people do not walk the streets and after an event dash for their cars to beat the traffic.

Meeting like-minded people at Manhattan restaurants is a frequent occurrence.

Last night we met a fabulous young couple who just were engaged and we chatted throughout the tantalizing meal.

On the way to the lower east side we needed to  switch subways.

As with air travel I only do nonstop, but we were late and walking was out of the question.

Unfamiliar, two L trains arrived at the same time and it was a conundrum as to which to take to our destination.

Frustrated, I appealed to the universe for help and a lovely millennial took me by the hand and deposited me on the correct train…only in New York, peeps.

One section of the city where I rarely engage is on the upper east side’s Madison Avenue.

The matrons are class oriented…faces are lifted or Botoxed, hair is perfectly coiffed, feet are splayed and the only direction is straight ahead, but other than that particular niche area, New York City is hands down the friendliest, most helpful place I have ever spent time in.

I grew up in suburbia and have resided in less populated cities and smaller is not friendlier.

NYC rises above the rest.

Frankly, I 💜 NY.

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