Friday Frustration…


I am sitting on my Peloton after a 30 minute high intensity ride including arm exercises before which I hiked and did a core class.

I am still on the bike because dismounting appears daunting at the moment.

I believe emphatically in exercise for mind and body.

In fact, I staggered out of bed at 2am with a migraine and still have one, but I sacrificed my body for my daily dose of endorphins.

My question is: Will I ever accept my body before death do us part or will I continue to torture myself over attaining that “bikini” bod?!

I haven’t had alcohol in over two months and barely consume sugar.

I even tossed the absolutely gorgeous Valentine’s cake in the garbage after an initial indulgence and I went so far as to cover the divine treat with discarded salmon paper wrapping so that I did not do a deep dive into the garbage at midnight.

The plight of the non-Scandinavian female.

Have a great weekend.



  1. One of blessings of this pandemic (and not having to get dressed!) us making peace with myself and my body. I’m into the pleasure principle. You and I have pushed ourselves way too long. Let’s enjoy our beautiful selves.

  2. I hear you!!!!!!understand your pain. all my tight muscles from not swimming three days a week and 8 hours a week of dance and exercise classes these last 11 months have let loose!!!! ugh. walking does not cut it……watching what I consume does not do it…….sigh… to be positive have not gotten sick a very good thing

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