Fresh and Dewy…

During my long day’s journey into night I caught an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Apparently, there was a BravoCon in NYC last weekend.

Tickets sold out in minutes because the public is obsessed with the Housewives franchise, Below Deck and a few other insidious, whiny cult shows on Bravo.

Damn, I look like one of Robert Norman Ross’ blank canvases (he was the crazy hair creator and host of The Joy of Painting), compared to the embellished visages of the overdone Housewives.

Every single Housewife and I use the term loosely,  looked tighter than a duck’s arse.

I have never seen so much hair and display of extensions.

The ponytails were longer than the carriage horses tails in Central Park.

Rhinestones set the stage on fire, looking like the Mirrorball Trophy from Dancing With the Stars.

Breasts were the shape and size of NBA basketballs.

The Housewives/Kardashian overly made up face look is actually on the wane in the real world.

Cosmetic companies are reporting deep dives in revenue.

In its first-quarter fiscal 2020 earnings results, Estee Lauder reported a 6 percent sales decline in the Americas due to weak color cosmetics sales.

Other reliable brands that have experienced a down-turn include Loreal and Sephora.

A fresh dewy face is shaking up the beauty landscape with influencers such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Keys making the no make up look like totally acceptable.

Since I barely have the time to wash and moisturize these days I am onboard for the clean, fresh face look.

Less-is-more…words to live by.


*photo:pish posh

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