Frenzy Over Frenchette…

Madonna, Cher, George, Beyonce.


One name trending.

In this case the single moniker belongs to a month old french bistro in TriBeCa.

Frenchette is a very difficult get these days.

Victory…I was able to secure a reservation at the restaurant named after the title of a song David Johansen (New York Dolls) recorded in 1978.

Just like anything that is overly hyped, I was, at times, disappointed.


Don’t get me wrong, Frenchette is a charming intimate restaurant with an inviting, simple decor, serving french standards with daily-changing dishes and natural wines.

The chairs were brutal, but we sacrificed a compfy booth to sit with the lovely Kristen.

We had the inside scoop on the menu and the server since our daughter had coincidentally dined at Frenchette the night before she joined us.

Courtny recommended a wonderful bottle of Spanish wine,

She had imbibed the night before and the biodynamic wine was a real treat ($60).


We started with the Brouillade comprised of soft scrambled eggs cooked in butter and truffle, topped with Peconic escargot.

The eggs were divine. The escargot were the size and quantity of bird droppings. Generosity is not a word I would equate with the escargot portion ($17).

Anchois Frits

David is an anchovy lover. He selected the Anchois Frits and he was disappointed as they were bland and not crispy which is the preparation he prefers ($7).

Celtuce Gratin

Courtny and I countered with Celtuce Gratin (thick stem celery lettuce) with marrow. It was tasteless and uninspired, although the sauce had great flavor ($9).

Asperges Vinaigrette

The Asperges Vinaigrette was not as good as I had anticipated.

The white asparagus and leek were not vibrant. The gribiche sauce, a classic French mayo-style hard-boiled egg mixture, subtly accented with specs of truffle and mustard, added to the dish, but again, Meh.

Homard a la Broche

Finally a 5 Star dish.

The Homard a la Broche (lobster) was amazing, tender, delicious, ample and the butter sauce divine ($48).


We also ordered the Cabillaud, a wonderful cod with cockles, leeks, chanterelles and sunchokes ($26).

Kristen sent over a fabulous chocolate dessert.

The responsible parties are Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr, the chef/owners.

Five years after they left Keith McNally’s employ they have opened Frenchette, their first solo restaurant.

The team connected at Daniel’s in the 90’s and then moved on together to Baltazar, Pastis, Schiller’s Liquor Bar and Minetta Tavern.

Wine director, Jorge Riera, came to Frenchette from Contra and Wildair (a personal favorite).

Riera has built a list full of wonderful, reasonably priced natural wines.

Overall, there were some delicious components, but also  several regrettable choices.

I would return for the lobster, the wine and dessert, but, honestly, no need to rush or battle for a reservation.

Frenchette 241 West Broadway New York City. Open nights 5:30-11:00pm. It will eventually be open for breakfast and lunch. Reservations on RESY.

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