Former Material Girl…

I have always been a devotee of retail therapy.

The thrill of a Parisienne shopping spree with my daughter ranks with a NY Giants Super Bowl victory.

The heady experience stimulates and ignites my happy endorphins and is more filling than a gooey treat.

Unbelievably, life is starting to return to a new version of normal and I find that I have no appetite for shopping.

I look in my closet and everything other than my leggings and black t-shirts look unfamiliar so in essence I do have a new wardrobe.

The thought of wearing a real waistband is overwhelming along with stuffing my feet into fancy shoes and let us not forget the challenge of snapping on a regular bra.

Make up. I cannot even find my blush or lipstick.

I assume the only beauty item I will need for the future is mascara as my mask will be ever present.

Think about it, beyond the obvious Covid threat, I do not know anyone who had a cold or the flu this year…lesson learned. I will never get on the subway or an airplane ever again without my mask.

Perhaps when I eventually return to New York City, the shopping Mecca of America, I will engage in comprehensive window shopping to fill the void.

Being in an enclosed space with lots of people lacks any appeal.

Look how much money I will save.

Perhaps my dream of owning a professional sports team will become a reality.

Batter up⚾️

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