Former Material Girl…

I have always been a devotee of retail therapy.

The thrill of a Parisienne shopping spree with my daughter ranks with a NY Giants Super Bowl victory.

The heady experience stimulates and ignites my happy endorphins and is more filling than a gooey treat.

Unbelievably, life is starting to return to a new version of normal and I find that I have no appetite for shopping.

I look in my closet and everything other than my leggings and black t-shirts look unfamiliar so in essence I do have a new wardrobe.

The thought of wearing a real waistband is overwhelming along with stuffing my feet into fancy shoes and let us not forget the challenge of snapping on a regular bra.

Make up. I cannot even find my blush or lipstick.

I assume the only beauty item I will need for the future is mascara as my mask will be ever present.

Think about it, beyond the obvious Covid threat, I do not know anyone who had a cold or the flu this year…lesson learned. I will never get on the subway or an airplane ever again without my mask.

Perhaps when I eventually return to New York City, the shopping Mecca of America, I will engage in comprehensive window shopping to fill the void.

Being in an enclosed space with lots of people lacks any appeal.

Look how much money I will save.

Perhaps my dream of owning a professional sports team will become a reality.

Batter up⚾️

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  1. ellie lupo says:

    love this…all so right….my jeans are going to walk off me and beg to be thrown away after this. as for the mask…i am beginning to feel undressed without it.
    they say life is starting to be as it used ti be…….going to take a lot of getting used to1

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