Awakened By Quake…


Oh, what a night and now the bottom just fell out at dawn.

It is 6:27 am Pacific Time and we just experienced a jarring 4.7 earthquake that was centered in Westwood, 4.7 miles away from where I was sleeping after a rough night.

I was jolted from a deep sleep at 1 am, awakened by the Entitlementors in my apartment building who had been having a wild time. Clearly, there is a huge Irish contingency, all hearing impaired and self-involved.

From 1 to 3 am, I was dealing with the partying so I read The New York Times, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post. To summarize my culling of the latest current events, I still don’t understand how a 777 jet can go missing in this day and age. The media can get to the bottom of everything. Pregnancies are detected at conception, but a jetliner cannot be found. Something is really hinky.

My husband works for a technology company and his revelations regarding the future are fascinating and scary so with all the technological advances, how can a 775,000 pound elephant, flying 35,000 feet in the air not be found? At some point what goes up must come down and there is no wreckage, 239 bodies are missing, not to mention a plethora of peanuts and recyclable soda cans.

How can this be and why aren’t the Malaysian authorities more forthcoming?

I can tell you right now, and do not judge me unfairly, but if they need to re-enact the scenario of what may have potentially occurred on Flight 370, I will volunteer all the  inhabitants of my apartment building to comprise the passenger list. I would love for the whole f’ing building to vanish.

I just almost got my wish…the entire building just felt like it was going down. Living in Santa Monica never stops rocking and rolling.

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