Filler Me In…

My six month all encompassing renovation got me to thinking.

If I can transform a total wreck of a home, maybe I can also restore a middle-aged menopausal woman to her previous glory and glow.

I am an extreme researcher. When I decide to travel to a location, buy a product, ingest a medication, I dig deep.

My latest obsession is crack for my face…creams, laser procedures, botox, Juvederm, …bring on the info on fillers and injectables.

I met with some big name Beverly Hills and Manhattan dermatologists and could not handle the up sell. I think they would find problem areas on a first graders face.

I dejectedly slinked out of the offices and considered eyeball removal so I wouldn’t have to look at this purportedly wreck of a woman again.

The nurses in the offices all had Botox injections and were in their 20’s. I guess it is similar to being in a rock ‘n roll environment and just having to experiment with sex and drugs because it is the thing to do.

I headed home depressed and walked in on my husband with a recycled Trader Joe’s bag over my head just like the New Orlean’s Saints fans when they became the Aints in 1980. He soothed my furrowed brow (after removing the bag) and told me I was still beautiful.

Speaking husband, he is very discerning as his father was a physician. He quite likes his dermatologist in Los Angeles so I made an appointment.

What a different atmosphere in Santa Monica. Dr. Schmidt is so honest and down to earth…very refreshing for a professional who constantly deals with vanity issues.


We discussed options and the need to start slowly. She recommended Juvederm and Belotero. A nurse in the office was very frank about the fact that the procedure is quite uncomfortable bordering on Marathon Man type torture.

The cost is similar to a weekend getaway or a new chair from Restoration Hardware…this takes sitting on someone’s face to a new level.

All food for thought. Shall I indulge in next steps…stay tuned.

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