Fiddy Cents…

Just sitting in front of the Plaza Hotel.

I cannot believe it used to be a Trump property.

Plaza Hotel

I am sure in name only.

I think the Japanese were his safety net at that particular point in time.

There are so many tourists in New York City.

Walking in Central Park several times a day I often wish I had the political clout to push City Hall to institute a small entrance fee.

A mere 50 cents per tourist and the Park would never be in need of a fundraiser.

They could hire at will, all architectural elements would be restored to the original glory.

Central Park is stunning now…can you imagine if money was no object?!

50 cents is nothing and one could look at is as a garbage and cigarette cleaning fee.

Trying to improve the city one aimless rant at a time.

Have an amazing 4th and I will see you on the other side of Independence Day if Agent Orange hasn’t mortgaged America to build more Trump hotels in the Middle East or Turkey.



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