Feet Don’t Fail Me…

dog day
Selfie of me after the US Open today

Another day which means another long day of tennis and my feet have turned on me. As soon as this is over, I am taking to my bed for one week. I am just disappointed that I didn’t hook up with a pedometer so I can, at the very least, impress myself with my mileage accumulation.

US Open feet

Tonight I retired from tennis boot camp around 8:30pm, grabbed an organic farm fresh salad and munched my through a disappointing Victoria Duval/Daniela Hantuchova match…she was Tuesday’s darling, but the bubble burst tonight. I stayed to watch the John Isner/Gael Monfils match. It had the atmosphere of a Davis Cup match between the United States and France…surprisingly divided crowd, but the Big Guy came through and the top American advances to round 3.

John Isner on service…

I quelled many outraged patrons today. Interesting that you spend a lot of money to go to an exciting outdoor happening and people can become so agitated over standing in line or waiting for a gate to open.

Another observation is that tennis fans are terrible dressers. I am absolutely behind being comfortable at a sporting event, especially with the heat we have been experiencing, but gosh darn, wear clothing from this century. And women over 35, burn your denim cut offs… your ass hangin’ out of the short pant is not a good sight walking away.

What’s with wearing tennis outfits? Is this analogous to whips and chains and French maid’s outfits in the boudoir? You will never be allowed on the court so stop the role playing.

And, note to self, when you attend a tennis tourney, please consider not talking…you aren’t spewing interesting comments so button up during a match. Tonight reminded me of the movies…everyone was talking, opening candy wrappers and on the phone. Decorum, please!

Roger winning

I need to go to sleep now because I have to wake up today…resting my feet, balls and racket and other various overused physical equipment…

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