Feeling Sublime At Studio…

I am feeling Happy.

Food does that to me.

After a grueling Saturday in Connecticut sorting, renovating, schlepping and picking up a load of roofing tiles that had flown off my mother’s house during the recent storm, I finally had a Sunday off.

The doggies had a pajama party with our daughter so we needed to drive down to the village to pick them up.

Freehand Hotel

Courtny had plans so David and I headed over to restauranteur, Gabe Stulman’s, new restaurant which opened in January in the recently renovated Freehand Hotel on Lexington Avenue and 23rd Street.

The former 90-year-old George Washington hotel has been masterfully redone with an eye for detail.

Freehand Stairway

We were warmly greeted by the staff and directed upstairs to Studio.


The second floor,100-seater, Studio, is open all day.

In the morning, Baker Zoe Kanan presents fresh baked sweet and savory pastries alongside a healthyish breakfast spread.

A full menu, tinged with flavors of North Africa and the Near East, is served from early afternoon until late night.

I recently reviewed Fairfax, another new Stulman restaurant and Studio is Fairfax on steroids.

The atmosphere is laid back with a retro feel.

Plants and art dominate the landscape.


The banquets are draped with fur blankets, unique light fixtures dangle from the ceiling.

Studio embraces you with a warm, inviting vibe.

And then there is the food.

Market Grain Bowl

We ordered the Market Grain Bowl.

Okay, so it’s a salad bowl…BFD.

No, wait, it was one of the best tasting salads ever with perfectly ripened avocado, pepitas, black tahini, radish, fabulous kale dressed in a dreamy lemon vinaigrette ($15).

Avocado Toast

Also on the menu are a burger ($17), rotisserie half hen ($21), chicken club sandwich ($14), bagel and lox ($16), avocado toast ($14) and various egg dishes.

The Stumptown Coffee was the best drip I have had in forever ($3).

Stumptown Drip Coffee Chocolate Morning Bun

We ordered a Chocolate Morning Bun to accompany the lonely cup of coffee and that was spectacular ($6).

Our server recommendations were all stellar.


I ordered a wonderful organic unfiltered rose, Troupis, Hood & Lur 2016 ($16).

We toured the building after and the renovation is outstanding.

Right now, the Freehand has 200 rooms for rent and a maximum of 395 plus 22 rooms are occupied by longtime residents that they did not want to abruptly evict.

I not only want to return to Studio, but on my bucket list is Gabe Stulman’s other restaurant in the hotel, Simon & the Whale which at the present time is only open for dinner.

For a lovely Sunday brunch definitely spend some relaxing time at the very appealing Studio.

Studio in the Freehand Hotel 23 Lexington Avenue New York City. Breakfast, Monday-Friday 7-11:30am, Brunch, Saturday and Sunday 7am-3pm, Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30am-6pm, Dinner, Sunday and Monday 6-11pm, Tuesday-Saturday 6pm-Midnight. Reservations on RESY.com.



  1. It was fun meeting you both.

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