Feeling Sqirlly…

I never thought I would enjoy Sqirl.

My experienced with sqirl (squirrel)  is focused in Central Park and the energy our puppy, Finnley, physically commits to the multitude of bushy tail encounters.

Back in Los Angeles, I experienced a way more  appealing Sqirl.

The intimate restaurant in a funky Silver Lake neighborhood is an experience.

We dropped in on a Sunday morning and a lengthy line had already formed by 10am.

David went in search of parking.


I joined the crowd and had absolutely no idea what was on the menu.

Being shy and retiring, I reluctantly turned to the adorable couple in front of me and asked if they had ever been to SQIRL.

Luckily, they had and their advise proved to be spot on.

It turns out that the engaging guy is co-founder of Sweetgreen and was well informed since SQIRL’s limited-run grain bowl is available at Sweetgreen in LA.

Crispy Rice

I took all his recommendations to heart, starting with the Crisp Rice Salad consisting of crispy rose brown rice, lemongrass, mint, cilantro, ginger with a fried egg on top ($8.50).

I enjoyed the combination of flavors, but was a bit put off by the cold rice.


The Daily Quiche was flaky and fabulous with Shu greens ($11).

Ricotta Toast

The Famed Brioche Ricotta Toast was amazing. The ricotta so creamy and jam scrumptious ($8).

The Only On Sunday Biscuits were out of this world. The sweet butter and the strawberry jam delish.


My Cortado was perfect ($4).

Jessica Koslow, the restaurant’s unrelenting chef and owner, has proven that breakfast food can be skillfully made and innovative.

The SQIRL venture began with owner Jenny Koslow’s (she was a producer on American Idol) in demand jams which are available on Amazon.


We sat on the patio.

The hipster haven was packed with laid back millennials, surrounded by babies enjoying their homemade cocktails.

SQIRL is not just healthy food, but it’s not not healthy food.

Stop by and figure that one out for yourself…the baked goods will not disappoint.

SQIRL 720 North Virgil Avenue Los Angeles, California.Open Monday-Friday 6:30am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm. Counter service. No reservations.

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