Feeling Flat…

Bike Trail

Started the beautiful Floridian day with hope in my heart and exercise on my mind.

Awake since 2am, I was ready for action by 7.

We hit the road on our bikes…destination breakfast at Luna Rosa by the beach in Delray.

We enthusiastically mounted and took the byways through Delray Beach.

Then the air went out of our journey…literally.

David had a flat so we shelved breakfast by the beach, instead fortifying ourselves with double espressos at Starbucks.

It’s now 8am and no bike shops open until 10.

What to do?

I locked the rolling culprit  up outside of the bike store and we headed home.

David ran a 5K and I was his pace car, riding alongside him, shouting encouragement in the 80 degree heat.

I forgot how hard it is to ride a bicycle slowly staying straight and maintaining balance.

We made the trip unscathed except for our drenched clothing.

I proceeded to jump into the pool and participate in part two of my mini-triahlon with 100 laps.

My mom and I lunched by the beach and then I took a four mile walk on the powdery sand finishing my triathlon.

A martini and dinner in Palm Beach and I am toast.

Until tomorrow….


  1. You go girl!!!!

  2. Liz Ketaineck says:

    up at 2:00 AM? We could have had a chat Oy!

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