Feel The Burn, Again…

I’m back in the saddle.

In shoes that have never been worn…imagine that.

I love spinning.

How great is it to have an amazing, make up free experience, sweat like a pig in a crowd and just don’t care.

You are having a wet T-shirt moment and are only competing against yourself.

My fav spinning is now happening at Flywheel.

I am not a Soul Cyle follower.

When I workout, I don’t want anyone blowing whistles at me, choreographing musical numbers, spinning with diamonds and full on make up.

I just want to clip in and fly.


Flywheel finally opened a fab new studio in Santa Monica.

I never have to drive 1 hour and 15 minutes in rush hour traffic again to engage with spinning guru, Lacey Stone.

I understand the benefits of Pilates and Yoga, but spinning is in my wheelhouse.

I’m spinning out of control and lovin’ every painful, exhilarating, musically motivated moment.

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  1. I have to plug Peloton here! I know if you had it , you’d love it! You don’t have to leave your house – any class, any time, any instructor. Join the Official Peloton Rider Page on FB to see what people are saying about it. ?

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