Fascist Fodder…

Locked and Loaded.

A favorite catch phrase of the MAGA party people.

Is there any doubt why crime on the streets is so prevalent?

These lazy, ignorant people only know how to react instead of research.

Trying doing a deep dive instead of blindly diving in.

Locked and Loaded was the dominant phrase on MAGA right wing social media sites after word circulated that the FBI had performed a secretive meet and greet at Agent Orange’s Florida abode, Mar-a-Lago.

Reaction came from some of trump’s biggest supporters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, you ignorant fascist slut, the FBI doesn’t just rush into a private residence without a search warrant signed by a Federal judge who has been presented with irrefutable evidence  that there is probable cause to sign the warrant.

The items the FBI are looking for must be listed on the warrant and they need to specify what the violation is and evidence of a crime to be found inside the residence.

Plus, this is not as trump announced in his missive “an attack by Radical Left Democrats” who desperately don’t want me (trump) to run for President in 2024.”

Let us not forget that the FBI director, Christopher Wray, is a trump appointee.

And, that Humpty Trumpty has potentially committed crimes, broken the law and lied, but Republicans like Senator Marsha Blackburn and Congressman Kevin McCarthy deflect and make excuses…let the fear-mongering begin.

The search, not a raid as the Secret Service was notified beforehand, is based on the fact that American presidents are required by the Presidential Records Act (PRA) to transfer all of their letters, work documents and emails to the National Archives (NA).

There are also other federal laws regarding the handling of classified documents.

Trump apparently carried off boxes of highly sensitive, classified information and even ingested some of the classified documents with a dollop of ketchup, of course.

Locked and Loaded…stop threatening the public and do us all a favor and just lay down your weapon before you shoot yourself in the foot.

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  1. Fascinating that Mitch has remained silent. The nuance of raid vs search is lost on these people and finally I did LOL, after reading your description of MTG

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