Fantasy Football Folly…

fantasy football2

Fantasy Football is one of the most lucrative and popular interactive sports out there today. Wouldn’t it be great if there was fantasy dating or fantasy BFF drafts?

Opportunity knocks…you are allowed to draft the man of your dreams. You project, after doing your homework and studying his stat sheet, that he would be a great long term contract player. If life blindsides you or you sustain a helmet to helmet hit, he would always be there to defend you or pick you up.

If the relationships does not work out you can trade him. Say another team has a hot guy who has a lucrative contract, is a star and a team player and loves dogs, but his present general manager wants to drop kick off the team because he is constantly off sides…you swoop in and make a trade or purchase him in free agency.


Identical scenario for girlfriends. Draft someone who will always be on Team Toby (insert your own name). Often, female teammates make a rookie move and dump you when a new player shows up. Women kick the female teammates to the curb because a talented male player is drafted. She blindsides her BFF. Payback…her position on the team becomes irrelevant…trade the bitch or put her on IR (Injured reserve…in this case, injured feelings not body parts).

I propose that we start our own Fantasy She Devil League. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We all work together…any successful team will tell you it is all about collaboration, mutual support, respect and a positive attitude. Let’s make this fantasy team come true.

tobys fantasy team
Toby’s Fantasy Football Team
Victor Cruz, Tim Tebow, Tom Brady

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