Family Feature…

Hiking our way through the pandemic.

We are surrounded by a strict lockdown, but still able to rally early in the morning unearthing new, challenging trails.

By day Mother Nature guides us and by night our trusty Fire TV Stick rules.

Advisory: It is mandatory that you add Ted Lasso available on Apple TV to your viewing pleasure…what a funny, well written, touching series.

Ted Lasso, based on a character developed for NBC Sports, spotlights Jason Sudeikis as a small-time football coach who is hired to coach a professional soccer team in England despite lacking any soccer knowledge.

Ted Lasso was renewed.

Another viewing included The Flight Attendant on HBO Max which is quite turbulent.

The crew is uninspired.

Perhaps, schedule another flight, but if you really need to get away, then hop aboard, but, be warned the landing is a 5.

I have also entertained a weekend epiphany.

I am already experiencing separation anxiety from my daughter and doggie.

It is so special to have your besties in house.

We spend endless waking hours together and to have my daughter by my side is divine.

Finnley brings so much love and joy and I never walk alone.

I predict a long, lonely winter.

I shall cherish my two remaining weeks of family bonding bliss.

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  1. I’m really glad this has been a good place to hole up!

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