Fake, Fraud, Phony…

Fake News?!

Finger pointing at the media when they are doing their job reporting the heartless, poisonous venom a convicted bully fake is spewing.

The shallow, thin skinned vindictive autocrat is synonymous with Fake.

Let’s open the flood gates to FAKEGATE…

Fake tan, Fake accusations, Fake bombs, Fake FLOTUS and her boobs, Fake hair, Fake wall, Fake immigration caravan threat, Fake democracy, Fake loyalty, Fake nationalism, Fake inauguration size, Fake penis size, Fake friendship with China, Putin and Ted Cruz.

I cannot say it better than former CIA Director John Brennan.

“Stop blaming others. Look in the mirror. Your inflammatory rhetoric, insults, lies, & encouragement of physical violence are disgraceful.
“Clean up your act….try to act Presidential. The American people deserve much better. BTW, your critics will not be intimidated into silence.”

I cannot believe this is America.

I am mad as hell and I don’t think any Americans of sound mind should take this crap anymore.

I am sick and tired of waking up every morning and receiving outrageous alerts from CNN and the NY Times regarding Humpty Trumpty’s latest antics.

Stop the Tweets.

Stop the lies.

End Fakegate.

Just like the Tin Man, Agent Orange needs a heart…peek behind the wall…maybe it is beating there.




*photo:Daily Beast

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  1. We don’t have aTin Man, but we do have The Wizard of Oz. Aren’t we lucky,. We don’t live in Kansas anymore.

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