Facebook Morphs Into ObitBook…

It is 2:30am and I cannot sleep.

That in itself is frustrating enough, but the hardest part is dealing with the dark thoughts that fly by rather than mindless leaping sheep.

My back aches.

Is it supposed old age and now a permanent condition?

Do I need to curtail my exercise which is my lifeline for staying fit and vital.

I stupidly flip through social media when I give up on sleep.

Facebook is now like reading the obituary section of The NY Times.

I thought I personally would skip that main event, but people are dropping like flies and the harshness is now a stark reality.

I do not like sharing that type of information, but I appear to be in the minority…when a music personality or celebrity passes there seems to be a race to be the first to post their demise…I’m just saying.

Thoughts of dangerous subway commuting fly through my sleepless thoughts. Can I ever take a NYC subway again without the fear of being pushed onto the track?

Presently, going into crowded spaces can either kill you by gunfire or exposure to Covid which has reached 900,000 deaths in America.

Where’s the sunshine?!

I anxiously await the sunrise and a brighter outlook.

Is 4am too early for coffee and a rerun of Seinfeld because Morning Joe is no longer an appealing (forget uplifting) way to start the day.

Wishing you happy thoughts and a good night’s rest.



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