Fabulous Fulgurances…NYC Restaurant Review

I’m coming clean about a fabulous new restaurant.

A converted laundromat is spinning out amazing food.

Fulgurances which also has a noteworthy restaurant in Paris, recently opened in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).

The stamped ceiling and brick wall are the only remaining remnants of its wash and fluff past.

We booked at the counter and it was a wise decision to have a bird’s eye view of the creative process.

Will was our mentor and we engaged in delightful foodie banter.

We lucked out because resident chef Aaron Rosenthal who will be helming the kitchen until January 2022 is a brilliant chef and the third guest chef since Fulgurances opened in Brooklyn.

Since 2015, the Paris Fulgurances has been bringing rising culinary talent into the spotlight through its chef residency program. The principles invite young chefs for a three to six-month residency program where they can spread their wings, define and refine their culinary identity and express themselves.

Chef Rosenthal is an American chef living and working in Paris at some of my favorite restaurants, including serving as sous chef at esteemed restaurant Septime and executive chef at Clamato.

Fulgurances showcases a 5-course $80 tasting menu.

The ambiance is relaxed and intimate.

The meal was spectacular beginning with a special Oyster treat along with divine Razor Clams presented in an imaginative manner.

The fresh Mackerel, Dill and Feta dish was surprisingly good as I am not a fan of mackerel, but I loved it and the tangy, smooth feta really added to the essence of the dish.

The Tomato Tartine with Mustard Greens was amazing, the crust  heavenly along with the sweet tomatoes and tangy greens.

The Pork topped with fresh Shiso was tender and delicious.

The chef created a tantalizing Shrimp dish for David.

The accompanying local She Wolf Bakery bread was outstanding and happily used to mop up any residual sauces.

We ordered the Cheese Plate which was seriously delicious and one of the most generous cheese offerings we have experienced. The Comte was outstanding and a favorite from the region where we have a home in France and the Cheese from Point Reyes was always a local favorite when we lived in San Francisco (+$25).

The unusual, but satisfying palate cleanser was honeycomb…what a treat.

The meal ended on a high note.

I really enjoyed the food, ambiance, camaraderie and expressed creativity.

Fulgerances and the exemplary talents of Chef Rosenthal, Will, Oscar and the rest of the outstanding team made it an evening to remember and savor.

Fulgurances 132 Franklin Street Brooklyn, New York. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-10pm. Street parking. Reservations on Resy. A 20% administrative fee is added to the bill to ensure that the entire team is compensated equitably.

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