Fab Falafels…

Bigly conundrum.

Why can’t falafels in America be as unbelievably delicious as they are in Paris?

Forget the Michelin Star restaurants.

L’As du Fallafel is one of several falafel restaurants lining the Rue de Rosiers cobblestone street.

It lies in the heart of the Marais that boasts an array of Jewish retail amidst a burgeoning gentrification with shops now showcasing fashion and designer boutiques.

L’As maintains its status as reigning falafel star despite a plethora of other restaurants nearby featuring the Mediterranean favorite.

Only Chez Hannah provides any noticeable competition.

I only opt for Hannah when the takeout window line requires a 30 minute wait. Sometimes I sit inside L’As, but during the pandemic it is not an option because the interior is small and intimate.

The infamous sandwich features a warm, soft catcher’s mitt size pita filled to the brim with crispy falafel balls, red cabbage, carrots, beets, a warm, yummy greasy slice of fried eggplant and a generous dollop of tahini and hummus (no hot sauce for me)…nothing beats the eggplant accoutrement.

I constantly crave a great Parisienne falafel especially when I queue up at a Halal truck in New York City and the best are merely mediocre.

For takeout, standing or window shopping while devouring the delectable contents which inevitably smear your hands is often the only alternative.

But in Covid times hand sanitizer is always at the ready.

There’s the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, great shopping and L’As du Fallafel.


L’As du Fallafel 34 rue des Rosiers, 4th arrondissement. Open Sunday-Thursday 11am-11:30pm, Friday 11am-3pm, closed Sundays.

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