A Little Night Music…

My doggies have been networking.

And doing a darn good job I may add.

Tuesday, I was sitting on a Central Park bench with my girls.

I had placed Madison in the doggie carriage and wheeled the princess to the Park with Finnley keeping stride.

I took her out of the carriage and we were hanging.

At one point Madison did what dogs do outside and I needed to walk 30 yards to the trash.

I did not expect her to follow as she is still in a cast due to a broken toe.

Follow she did and introduced herself to a lovely couple eating lunch on a Central Park bench.

Introductions and doggie conversation ensued.

It turns out the they are considering puppy adoption and of course, I  wholeheartedly endorsed adoption, providing info and advise.

During the enjoyable give and take Elana asked if I would be interested in attending the NY Philharmonic concert in Central Park on Wednesday night.

I enthusiastically accepted the generous offer and as a result, I am sitting in VIP seats enjoying an outdoor concert on a beautiful Wednesday evening.

Even in a sea of 50,000 people I was able to zero in on a NY Giant.

The great Harry Carson adorned the musical landscape.

With dynamic performances, including works by Rossini, Copland, Rachmaninoff as well as New York Philharmonic Very Young Composers under the direction of conductor, Jaap van Zweden, we spend 2 very enjoyable hours listening to musical perfection surrounded by the whispering trees and chirping birds.

The show at The Great Lawn was magnificent attended by 50,000 enthusiastic music fans.

The Philharmonic concerts in Central Park are a 54 year long tradition and have entertained over 15 million people.

Rachmaninoff crescendoed and the impressive Manhattan midtown skyline lit up with vibrant fireworks.

It was an evening to remember.


  1. Beth Martin says:

    Lucky you I always wanted to sit in those seats. And the fireworks last night looked amazing. So glad you got to experience it all.

  2. Ditto – sure beats the grass!

  3. Karen Kushi says:

    Kate’s friend who went to Santa Monica High School recently won the English horn position. He is the youngest member (22 or 23 yrs) of the NY Philharmonic. Samohi is very proud of him!

  4. Lynn Hamlin says:

    While you were at that concert I was at the NYC Cantors at Summerstage! I had no idea about the Philharmonic concerts. Next year! A fantastic night all around!

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