Every Thursday I Got Soul…

Malibu, California
Malibu, California photo: investigatorsurveillance.com

Every Thursday I make the 15 minute scenic drive to Malibu.

I spin outside my Class Passs lines and take a class at Soul Cycle.

It is close and accessible so I am sold already.

Every other daily exercise activity is a minimum of a 30 minute commute.

Parking is a breeze and the location is idyllic.

Soul Cycle is a completely different spinning animal. Synchronization is the key word. It’s analogous to being in a mobile dance class.

This is my opportunity to take a turn on Broadway as the entire class is choreographed. Up down, left, right, back forth, jazz hands. It is a bit gimmicky for me as I am a hardcore spinner, but it is something different.

Soul Cycle Malibu
Soul Cycle Malibu

Last Thursday was like entering the TMZ set. Eddie Cibrian and his wife singer, LeAnn Rimes, were spinning.

I ran into my friend, Patty McEnroe, lead singer in Scandal and known for her megahit with Don Henley, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough. She is also married to my favorite tennis star, John McEnroe who I worked with for years at the U.S. Open. It was great to catch up.

I was the only renegade dressed in a tee and bike shorts. The all female spinning cult were outfitted in Soul Cycle merchandize (not Lululemon) and they were dripping in diamonds. They all looked liked they binged and purged before class and unhappily decided to workout after being surgically tweaked and injected.

I will not meet any lunch buddies there, but, hey, aren’t we really all the same, sweaty, stinky and dedicated bitches.

I do love the sign in the locker room asking riders to wear deodorant as no one wants to spin next to a stink bomb. Body odor crosses all socioeconomic lines.

This place does have soul, but I still prefer my classic, challenging classes at the air conditioned, unlimited towels Fly Wheel with the driven and demanding Lacey Stone.


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