Errand Behavior…

The sins of the mothers are passed onto the daughter.

Case in point…errands.

My mother is the the Queen of errands.

Forget the cane, walker or wheelchair, she is at the grocery store, cleaners, Walgreens every single freakin’ day.

I thought of her all day yesterday.

I had not done any errands since before I went away for the holidays.

It was E Day.

Grocery shopping in NYC is challenging.

You have to mentally weigh the amount you can carry 7 blocks down and  3 long blocks across town.

I carried at least 25 lbs. of groceries today.

Then I had to return a turned bottle of wine…another 10 minute walk.

Toilet paper and freezer bags were on the list.

A drive by at a notary was also needed.

Greenies for the dogs. They, too, need minty fresh breath.

MAC Cosmetics for the Back2MAC program…have 12 empties to exchange for lipstick. I can’t live without my fav Twig.

Eyeglass adjustment.

Teeth cleaning…wish Greenies would work as well for me.

Walk the dogs.

I was in desperate need of a pedicure, but 17 degree weather is not a conducive climate to wear flip flops home.

I had made a dinner commitment to my husband.

All the ingredients awaited me and I punted, just as badly and unsuccessfully as Brad Wing punted for the NY Giants last Sunday.

Enough…no more errands.

How does Queen E. perform this heinous activity daily?

I am more into errant behavior than running errands.


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