Endless Love…

david blaye

I am a fortunate woman.

I found true love and after 36 years together we still got it, baby.

David is in Las Vegas on business. I didn’t tag along because he had been booked into a unidentifiable hotel at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters).

Las Vegas was jam packed.

David hit the jackpot when he arrived at the no name hotel.

They literally drew a full house. Since he was inconvenienced, the powers that be put him in a grand room at the gorgeous Aria…my bad.

Anyway, I had children to take tend to.

Yesterday morning, I was out on my daily jog. My cell rang. David’s face lit up my screen.

Holy Batman, I was sure something unfortunate had occurred. David never calls during the day especially when he is tightly scheduled with wall to wall out of town meetings.

Lately, I am on edge whenever the phone rings because of my mom’s medical situation.

“Hey, how’s everything?!” In other words, hurry up and tell me what’s wrong.


David unloaded. “I had a break and walked outside to call you and say, I love you.”

That hit me so hard that I stopped dead in my tracks. Translation, I fell over my own feet.

Wow, 36 years together through good and bad and my husband can still blurt that out.

I am a very lucky woman.


  1. You two are MAGIC

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