Empire State Of Mind…

NYC photo:technobuffalo.com

Tomorrow, I head to my beloved New York City.

Am I excited?

I am except for the day before I depart. Anxiety sets in. I cannot stand to leave my doggie so that tugs at my heart strings.

I hate flying, although I always look forward to the full body check at security.


I despise packing and never remember what I left in NYC…clothing dilemma.

My hair always look better in California so I have to plan ahead.

I have grown to love our new home in Los Angeles and it is lovely having a washer/dryer and tons of space. We live in a 1929 landmark building in NY and washer/dryers are forbidden so I have to descend to the basement laundry room which is our homage to Downton Abbey.

For some reason that looms great. Frequently, I take the laundry to my mom’s in Connecticut. Unexplicably, it is easier.

Broadway photo:en.wikipedia.org

Once I land I will be very excited.

Broadway beckons, great restaurants, especially Francesco’s Sociale in Brooklyn Heights, long walks in Central Park, our home, culture, takeout delivery from virtually every eating establishment in the city, compelling museums, unique and enticing retail therapy, the Yankees, WFAN Radio, the whiff of a potentially promising NY Giants season, bagels, friends and family.

Talk to you on the other side.

Relish the weekend wherever you are.


  1. we are waiting for you with open arms my dear !! !! !!

    • We cannot wait to embrace you and dine at your incredible restaurant. My peeps, get your butts to Brooklyn Heights and eat amazing food, experience top notch service and meet Francesco, the brilliant, hospitable owner. You will fall in love with him and his delectable cuisine.

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