Early Feeding Frenzy…

6pm is the new 8:00pm.

Yep. What was once considered a very tacky time to eat is totally trending.

This is not a senior survey.

Across the board many Americans are qualifying as fashionable Early Birders.

I wish Queen E. were alive to hear this since I teased her mercilessly about Early Bird dinner time.

Here’s the breakdown.

Pennsylvanians eat dinner the earliest (5:37pm), followed by Maine, Vermont, Wyoming, North Dakota, and New Hampshire.

Washington, D.C. residents eat the latest dinner (7:10pm), preceded by Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Interesting that the most conservative and bias constitutes eat late perhaps planning domestic terrorism on an empty stomach and then having satisfied their trumpian ways they sit down and have a feeding frenzy doused in ketchup…these are Governors Greg Abbott and Sarah Huckabee Sanders supporters, the Tennessee right wing Republican state representatives constituents along with Senators Tom Cotton, Marsha Blackburn  and Ted Cruz backers!

Back to a more palatable discussion.

Since the pandemic I have ascribed to early dining. It’s also easier to show up at a very popular restaurant between 5-6pm without a reservation and you usually are granted entrance.

Everything is cyclical.

Long, pointed, lacquered nails are back, platform shoes, red lipstick.

I’m waiting for Landlubber hip hugger bell bottom jeans and shoulder pads to be trending again.

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