Dynamic Duo Do Darien…

Downtown Darien
Downtown Darien

Yesterday dawned sunny, clear and minus the humidity.

My migraine was still hangin’ in just like the house guest that never leaves despite valiant attempts to kick them out.

Sheep Meadow
Sheep Meadow

I hit the Park at 6:30am to avoid humans and breathe deeply. Perhaps the instant Central Park karma could alleviate and eradicate the searing pain.

Central Park
Central Park

The vistas were intoxicating and at least the morning glow was causing me to smile through my migraine.

I finished my speed walk, showered and headed for Connecticut.

Mommie Dearest had planned a special mother/daughter day and I did not have the heart to let her down, especially since she had told her aide to not come in.

I arrived by 11am and we headed to the hamlet of eternal waspiness, white bread and Miracle Whip mayonnaise (Hellmann’s is the only mayo. Miracle Whip is equal to carrying a fake Gucci or Vuitton bag).

My mom had scheduled massages for us in Darien, Connecticut.

I can get behind any type of massage. It is a favorite pastime of mine.


We parked and entered the world of relaxation.

We were led to a darkened room with reclining chairs and the sound of chirping birds…a perfect nesting place for my headache.

Our abused feet were soaked in wooden tubs and we partook in a brief neck and shoulder massage.

Then we got down to business, working on the lower extremities. I knew this would put my mom in a great mood and excite and stimulate her circulation.


At 90 plus, I think Eunice has unearthed a new addiction. I have only seen her this blissful on two recurring occasions…when she is surrounded by Golden Temple Chinese food from Brookline, Massachusetts and when she has a quart of Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch on her bedside stand.

My mom could exist on ice cream, chocolate, crunchy loaf of warm french bread and Boston Chinese food.

The hour massage mellowed her out and she practically ran out of the spa. I haven’t seen her this mobile in ages.

I could have hit her up for anything, but I restrained myself.

I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


We dined at Two Twenty Post in downtown Darien, splitting a burger and salad.

Sadly, we were the only women not sipping Chardonnay or wearing Lilly Pulitzer and a Cartier Love Bracelet…surprised we were served.

This is my kind of mother/daughter bonding…Perhaps next time, the dynamic duo can share the experience of dermal filler injections in Darien or Greenwich, New Canaan, Stamford, Westport…a different vanity indulgence in any or all of these stunning yet self-absorbed suburb venues.


  1. love it !!!!!!

  2. Leslie Feldman says:

    Aren’t we lucky to still have our moms!

  3. Hisao practically grew up at The Golden Temple!!! And such beautiful photos of the east coast; they make me excited for our trip.

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