Drain The Swamp…

Republicans and Fox News have an incestuous relationship.

They procreated and the result is the damaged, sniveling infant, Agent Orange.

Their evil intent has no limits in defending the flabby one and they have worked tirelessly to undermine any person who comes out against that sociopath.

Yesterday, they really soiled their lying, grimy pants.

The most recent target is Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman who was hanging on the telephone when Agent Orange had his “Perfect, Beautiful” telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine.

Republicans have accused Vindman of disloyalty, saying he has duel citizenship and is loyal to the Ukraine where he was born.

Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient from his tour of duty in Iraq, came to the United States as a Jewish refugee at the age of three.

He and his brother are in the military and have dedicated their lives to serving America.

He has a master’s degree from Harvard, worked in several embassies and joined the National Security Council last year after passing an extensive background check, unlike Ivanka and Jared.

Trump who knows nothing about Vindman tweeted out yesterday that Vindman is a “Never Trumper,” inciting the unethical, bleached, biased talking heads at Fox & Friends to speak disparaging about Vindman and his family.

The adorably unhuggable bitch, Laura Ingraham and her talk show guests, alleged the decorated war veteran was guilty of treason for reporting Trump’s illegal activity during his “perfect” conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

I am mad as hell and don’t think I can take  anymore.

Whistleblowers, keep bravely stepping up and  aiding in eradicating these parasites from Washington.

The American public owes you a debt of gratitude.

Let’s lock up all of Humpty Trumpty’s Family & Friends and then dump them all in the slimy swamp that they have selfishly created.

*Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer

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  1. Too terrible to be true- but so terribly true!

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