Don’t Worry, Be Happy…


I just experienced an odd sensation.

It wasn’t painful or orgasmic, but soothing and and filled me with a sense of relief and satisfaction.

I smiled for the first time in two weeks…it felt amazing.

The Restoration Hardware delivery men just arrived with 4 perfect dining room chairs and a gorgeous deconstructed armchair.

RH chair

We have furniture. No more beach chairs to squat down in and watch the Giants game, not that I could have taken that atrocity sitting down.

I had a come to Jesus discussion with myself at approximately 3am this morning. I rolled over and gave myself a good strong talking to.

My inability to stand up straight, sleep and think has been severely hampered by all the stress. I broke into a chorus of, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” and that is my new mantra.

No more whining, depressive pronouncements or gloom and doom. I am reborn…hallelujah.

Jesus sign

I may even make a sign out of all the cardboard I have in my war zone and head to the Santa Monica Promenade and mingle with all the Jesus lovers. My sign will simply say, “Just Smile!!”

And one more thing…It is September 11th and the city of New York brings a smile to my face, remembering all the strong citizens who banded together on that horrible day. I will always believe that NYC is the only place in the world that could bend and not break from such a heinous act. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. I Love New York…


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