Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down…

Hard to believe it is Thanksgiving time.

Living in the Coronaville bubble, seasons are indistinguishable, nothing is planned and in California you have hot and not too hot.

Breathing normally and never running into a ventilator are everyday goals.

Hoping that you are staying vigilant and are only in close contact with those you know are well and unexposed to the virus.

Zooming in on Thanksgiving day and leaving before wearing out your welcome may be a pleasant surprise.

I must admit that since my parents and our over- abundance of relatives are no longer earthly inhabitants, my past decade of Thanksgivings have been spent in France savoring French cheeses, escargot, wines, hand picked garden vegetables and freshly baked banquettes.

Being with my husband and daughter is all I need so forfeiting an American Thanksgiving is not a great sacrifice.

Not being in our home in France is disappointing, but the dream of next year in Bordeaux is hopefully, an attainable goal.

Enjoy life, be well and happy.

Talk to you on the other side of the long holiday weekend.


Photo: Norman Rockwell

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