Donna Reed Conundrum…

The Donna Reed Show
The Donna Reed Show

I wrestle with stereotypes and feel vaguely schizophrenic.

To quote Popeye..”I am what I am”…I am a very independent, liberated woman as well as a mother and housewife.

I have always worked in male dominated industries such as sports and music. I have scaled many a mountain and navigated that tricky path between being feminine and a feminist, always staying true to myself and never letting my gender or inappropriate sexual advances throw me off course.

But, here is the schizoid part. While championing equality and never selling out, I still have a bit of Donna Reed in me.

For those too young to remember, The Donna Reed Show portrayed Donna as a committed housewife who brought up the children, always had an adult beverage and a home cooked meal for her husband, the doctor and was always on call. Donna Reed epitomized selfless American motherhood.

I do find it comforting and rewarding cooking and keeping a beautiful home for my family and being the glue that holds the family nucleus together.

The screwed up thing is when I am in my, “I Am Woman Hear, Me Roar” mind set. I do rebel because I hate traditional stereotypes.

Many women struggle with this. We want to be respected in the workplace and not taken for granted at home, demanding of ourself 110% in each venue.


This dilemma may be eternal. Right now I will continue to wrestle with the conundrum.

I am fortunate to have broken through glass ceilings at work. I (we) have brought up an astonishing daughter who has blossomed into a beautiful, successful, confidant, independent, take no prisoners business person and a wonderful, compassionate woman.

I am still happily married to an amazing man for almost 31 years…thankfully, he rarely takes me for granted.

Speaking of which, I need to get the gourmet breakfast underway, make sure the earth continues to rotate smoothly on its axis and post this missive to my many Devil worshippers, remaining strong and determined.

I can do anything!

I will leave you with a Maya Angelou quote…”I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass. “

Listen to Helen Reddy’s, I Am Woman and feel empowered!


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