Dog Days Of Summer…

Dog days of summer in New York City.

I need to walk the dog by 7am so that I do not pass out from the heat…this girl is more of a cooler climate fan unless a swimming pool or ocean is close by.

Every day Finnley insists on visiting the turtles in the lake.

Yesterday, there was a homeless guy swimming in Bethesda Fountain in his underwear collecting all the coins people had made wishes on…does that mean the wishes are stolen!!

I was informed by a person in the know that a large percentage of the turtles are neighborhood pets and people just dump them in the lake when they want to rid themselves.

City dogs are a huge responsibility.

No backyard and the commitment is to four walks a day, but I cannot imagine life without our Finnley or Madison, Berkeley, Samantha or both Toughers.

It is well worth the pain of summer in the city💜

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