Dog Day Morning…


7:30 am…Had a great spin class. This is the only place I can sweat without guilt and being self-conscious! Exercise is the best cure for what ails you, no matter your age.

Heading out to walk the dogs. This is a perfect time to introduce you to my beloved canine companions, Berkeley and Madison. No, there names do not represent alma maters.

Berkeley was rescued in Berkeley. I tried to find an appropriate sporting term or NY Football Giants reference, but nothing suited her so we named her Berkeley which turned out to be perfect as she is brilliant, quirky, and definitely prances to her own drummer.

Madison’s full name is Ms. Madison Avenue, representing my daughter, Courtny’s, addiction and devotion to retail therapy. We proudly have our own in-house Ms. America pageant, representing both coasts (we are bi-coastal as are the doogles). I hate that term…so pretentious…similar to other frequently mentioned references such as, my nanny and discussing personal residential square footage.

Berkeley has 9 lives. She has an inoperable tumor in her liver, diagnosed 2 years ago. She has almost left us dozens of times, but remains active and frisky. She is our miracle and at over 12, runs us ragged.

Madison is the adorable blonde cheerleader that everyone likes and wants to emulate. We call her perma puppy as she has that newly minted look and appeal. I am literally stopped daily and asked if she is a hybrid as she is a Golden Lab, but small for her breed and that face!

Not to mix dog and people recipes, but I must note my salmon recipe from yesterday’s mention and for those with dogs, I am including my canine cuisine homemade recipe.

Salmon fillet…always fresh, wild or responsibly farmed. Frozen salmon out of the freezer is like buying a handbag on Canal Street in NYC…it may look like the real thing, but it isn’t!

6oz salmon per person

Kosher Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper


Optional: lemon or lime zest (buy Zester at Bed, Bath and Beyond…indispensable!)


Heat iron skillet in 500 degree oven for 10 minutes. Place on high flame burner, adding the salt and pepper and covering the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of EVOO. Place skin side down, 3 minutes, each side. Cover with aluminum foil to prevent splatter. You are done. Optional to add Rosemary to fish while cooking for added flavor. Serve over mashers or rice. Add lemon or lime zest on top of salmon fillet.

Doogle Delights

¾ cup dry dog food (go with what your dog enjoys) I use Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken formula…remember the TV show, Eight Is Enough?! Dad now makes natural dog food. Kids, dogs, no difference!

2 tablespoons rice. Any brand instant rice is suitable…quick, tasty and easy.

2 heaping tablespoons white meat chicken. Trader Joe’s carries “Just Chicken” at $5.99 a box and it lasts one week for 2 dogs. Cut into small pieces.

3 tablespoons low sodium chicken broth for flavor and moistness.

Broccoli, carrots, string beans (basically whatever veggies the dog enjoys) I only defrost the frozen broccoli and string beans. Trader Joe’s has organic broccoli florets and string beans. I cook fresh carrots as frozen carrots are mushy, tasteless and basically gross.

I minimize the amount of rice for Madison as she gains weight easily.

Heat rice, chicken, veggies and broth in microwave for 30 seconds.  Serve and watch them inhale. It is fresh and healthy and only takes minutes.

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  1. Great Blog. I’ll pray for your baby …

    • Thanks, Barry! See, there is something for everyone on the blog. Come back and visit and tell the multitude of women you know about the devil!

  2. Great Blog. I’ll pray for your baby …

    • Thanks, Barry! See, there is something for everyone on the blog. Come back and visit and tell the multitude of women you know about the devil!

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