Does Size Matter?!…

You just don’t need to be that high.

No, I’m not talking about drugs.

Yesterday, I was walking the dogs in Central Park and I noticed that additional super-tall, super-skinny, super-expensive high-rise buildings are popping up.

Not only are the pencil towers of the super-rich aesthetically unappealing and ruining the skyline, they are also affecting the flora and fauna in the Park, casting huge shadows and blocking much needed sunlight.

It is all about greed.

Interesting…I have read several articles referencing buyers who are now rejecting penthouse apartments, stating that they are too high and owners are feeling completely disconnected from the outside world.

A good deal of extra height has been added to these super-talls simply by leaving gaping voids in the body of the towers.

While the zoning system places a cap on floor area, there is no limit on the actual height of each floor and technical floors are not counted in the calculations.

The result is huge areas devoted to ‘mechanical’ space.

This is overkill designed by avaricious developers.

Size only matters when it comes to diamonds and male appendages.

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  1. I only would live as high as the fireman’s ladder could reach..these would not work for me!!!!!!!

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