Do I Look Fat…

scale2Raise hands if you think about your weight or body image daily…I can see you and just about everyone has their hands up. What are the most repetitive declarations made to significant others, mothers or BFF’s?

1. Do I look fat in this outfit/pants…

2. Do I look like I have I gained weight?

3. I cannot lose weight.

4. I am sick of depriving myself…

5. Why can some people eat a lot and never gain weight, but I just look at fries or chocolate and gain?

6. Ugh, what a skinny bitch!

Our days are consumed with weight self-flagellation comments. Body type is predetermined…come to terms with it. Many professional “models” are just born that way. I have worked with the type and they often eat like pigs and never gain.

Seriously, if there is a request line for the next time around, I demand, Scandinavian or Brazilian lineage.

The other night I almost forked the handsome man next to me at BOA restaurant in Santa Monica. We started talking sports and I was off and running. He was one of those guys who is amazing looking, probably dating a model and is a bit unapproachable…then he heard me (I was watching the last Dodger NLCS game when they lost 9-0) and he started gabbing. Not to preach, but I have mentioned that sports knowledge is the great equalizer. This is not the meat of the story.

He was built like a tight end. He ordered 1 dozen oysters, a beer and wine. Next up, a cheeseburger with fries and an A-Rod baked potato…for those uninitiated, that would be a potato on steroids with sour cream, cheese, bacon and chives. He finished every drop and ordered butter cake with ice cream for dessert and an additional beverage.

If I had eaten even half of that I would be a cutter by morning and shopping for a new wardrobe at Lane Bryant Plus Size stores before lunchtime. It is so unfair. I workout daily, watch what I eat and make those annoying comments every single day.

What to do?! Super Size your attitude towards yourself. Love that body, don’t deprive yourself all the time, exercise and stop asking the questions…Damn it, you know if you look fat or have gained weight…don’t ask your husband a question there is absolutely no acceptable answer to or ask him to experience deja vu all over again ad nauseum…boring!

Shove a celery stick in your mouth and head to Spin class or sit on your ass and shut up.


A meal that need not be questioned…

rice bowl
Veggie Rice Bowl
  • 1 egg-scrambled
  • 1/2 cup Brown Rice
  • Grated fresh ginger
  • 1 Shallot or Sweet Onion-sauteed
  • French Strings Beans-raw, cut up
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pickled Ginger
  • Avocado
  • Lemon

Steam brown rice. I use Trader Joe’s frozen rice packets. Spray pan with PAM. Saute shallots or onion and grated fresh ginger. Add string beans. Use any vegetable that you like. Trader Joe’s now has packages of shaved Brussel sprouts. Beans only need to be saute for a few minutes as they are tastier al dente. Dump in 1/2 cup microwaved rice and beaten egg. Stir fry until egg is completely scrambled into mixture. You are done. Place in bowl and embellish with sliced avocado, sprinkle sesame seeds, cut up pickled ginger and add soy sauce to your liking. Squeeze fresh lenon and grate lemon peel.

Delish, healthy, filling and easy.

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